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St Paul Court
by Austin Talley

This is a Risograph print of a photograph I took 

 in Charles Village, of construction at an apartment complex called "St. Paul Court." The building has a lot of personal significance for me, as I had many friends who lived there back when I was in undergrad college, and I spent a lot of time there. It was a formative place for me as a writer and musician. 

I am constantly taking photos as I walk around Baltimore, and seeing this chunk of the old "St. Paul Court" sign years after my time there struck me, as it had very unceremoniously been thrown in a pile of rubble on the side of the street, and I wanted to document it. I ended up using a variation of this image in a spread in a zine that was part of my graduate thesis at MICA (Graphic Design MA), but I've always preferred it on its own because of how stark it is, with only the word "COURT" legible. 


Currently, I work in a graphic design firm that does a lot of signage design (Younts Design, In) and so I am always particularly attuned to signage when I'm walking around Baltimore. This print feels like it ties together that old space in Charles Village with my current work in an interesting full-circle way.

A Storm Event

by Yen Ha

This nine piece art work when exhibited was accompanied by a17-minute sound piece created by Anna Rubin


by Sanah Brown-Bowers

The King's Court, Oli on canvas, mixed media, LED lights and custom shadow box; 86" x 56" x 5"

The King's court from history was  a term used to define the members of the king's council that advised the king on domestic and foreign affairs.

Brown-Bowers believes that the Barbershop serves as a save haven for Black men and boys to be vulnerable with each other , a homeplace and  caring community, a safe harbor to escape humiliation and discrimination. 

Dreams of Black Love and Hope
by dominic moulden

I am  a political artist and organizer and spent the first 10 years of my life in Perkins Homes. We moved into the shadow of "Greystone College," the State Penitentiary and City Jail after leaving Perkins.  Our communities are designed by capital to be spaces of violence. My ethnographic photography examines these conditions to inspire Dreams of Black LOVE and HOPE! 

Jpeg Derrick
by Derrick Brown, Jr.

My portfolio displays my versatility in portrait and conceptual photography but most importantly I like to share my trials and errors to show that even as an artist I’ll never stop learning or progressing. Art doesn’t have a limit and I'm working on pushing those boundaries.

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