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Bmorphosis: Transforming with Baltimore is an annual web-based journal , developed by the Hurwitz Center, highlighting the transformative work of Baltimore area creatives, activists, educators, and scholars. Each issue is developed around a theme addressed by collaborative creative research occurring at MICA and in/with Baltimore communities. 


The journal seeks creative research in the form of visual , performative, and written art forms, stories,  and scholarly articles demonstrating the ways in which Baltimore area creatives, activists, and researchers, are working with local communities to collaboratively uncover untapped potential, reveal hidden narratives, and address and solve local concerns.


Pamela Harris Lawton, Florence Gaskins Harper Endowed Chair in Art Education, MICA


CONTENT COORDINATOR:  as yet unnamed


CONTENT COLLABORATORS: Hayelin Choi, Julia Clouser, Kathy Cowan, Jeremy Goldstein, Pickett Slater Harrington, Elli Maria Hernandez, Lisa Hochtritt, Meg Kemp, Elizabeth Leik, Natovian McLeod, Kevin Griffin Moreno, Tannaz Motevalli, dominic moulden, Unique Robinson , Susan Tuberville. 


Content Collaborators review submissions and provide mentorship as needed to contributors. 


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