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  • Pamela Harris Lawton

Derrick Brown, Jr.

Derrick, aka Jpeg Derrick, is an American Photographer born and raised in Baltimore,MD. Brown started his photography career in December of 2019. "My photography career started a few months before the pandemic while I was still in college. I started taking photos for my school's paper while waiting for grant money to cover my tuition. Unfortunately, due to incorrect paperwork I wasn’t approved for the next semester which left me with free time and a camera. During the pandemic I experienced a lot of issues in my personal life and with family and friends. I went through stages of forgiving that allowed me to see the humanity in people. I wanted to express that through my photos. I stepped away from event style photography to tell stories and do more portrait photography. My photos remind me of stills from a movie and I like to set them up that way. This year I plan to expand my mediums into film." Derrick's photos have appeared in Rolling Stone magazine (2023) and on a Baltimore LED billboard.

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